Customs seal

1. Using PP+PE material, environmental protection and pollution-free

2. The shape can be kept unchanged in the environment of minus 45 degrees to minus 50 degrees.

3. It can be tightened and adjusted at will when sealing

4. Large pulling force, resistant to impact

Product introduction

1)Self-locking – no tools required;

2)The large flap area allows ample space for added information and ease of identification;

3)Has a unique stainless steel locking plate that strengthens the locking chamber and is highly tamper evident.

4)Easy to apply

1.Easily applied by hand.Thread strap through closure and into locking chamber.

2.Pull seal up as far as possible.

3.Removal by cutting tool.

Product production:

Raw material—mixed material–Injection molding–steel slice installation–Steel slice stamping fixed–printing—packing–delivery



Customs seal


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