Non-destructive x-ray testing and inspection systems

Non-destructive x-ray testing and inspection systems are widely used in many areas of research and development for morphological and structure alternation analyses, and for quality control purposes related to preproduction inspection, failure analysis, and lot inspection. Using micro-focus x-ray inspection systems provides many benefits. For instance, visualizing and measuring internal complex features without disassembling or damaging parts reduces inspection times and minimizes the risk of recalls by screening for manufacturing defects. It is real-time 2D x-ray inspection systems used to visualize internal points of interest without disassembling or damaging objects. These systems have become industry benchmarks for their intuitive operation and high-quality images. They are suitable for failure analysis of electronic components, detecting defects such as joint cracks, voids, and disconnections, and inspection of foreign materials mixed into plastics, rubbers, batteries, and pharmaceutical products.


Non-destructive x-ray testing and inspection systems


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