Operating in conjunction with our Constant Potential X-Ray sources Mers`s flatscan and their small focal spots, these innovative portable X-Ray scanner systems deliver you a sharp, clear and detailed image of any suspicious object that will assist your operators in ensuring immediate and accurate decision making. Featuring 50% more photodiodes and an ultrafast FPGA micro-controller technology, the FLATSCAN30XS and FLATSCAN15XS deliver a better image, are easier to use and more reliable in harsh RF environments than any other competing system. INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE The FLATSCANs are delivered with a multilingual interface that enables the operator to both make and process images following just a few minutes of training. This enhanced software features straightforward function buttons that initiate hidden complex image processing. The thumbnail bar at the bottom of the screen is a particularly helpful tool that allows you to visualize the different images and their subsequent processes that are made during the entire operation. Meanwhile, a database storage system allows you to comment, store and retrieve or transfer images in a highly intuitive manner.