Video Surveillance System

With a patented smart management system in place, the solution combines all screening equipment together and integrates the rich data collected from each component to assist operators in real time, including cargo information, scanned images, operational data, system status, etc.

It enables centralised image processing (CIP), in which images can be automatically sent to the next available screener despite their physical location, allowing for optimised and flexible resource management and reduced operational costs.

It is a business system that can provide management users with many functions, such as status monitoring of onsite inspection systems, auditing of onsite staffs’ operation, and data mining of the inspection data generated by onsite inspection systems.

It can be widely used among customs who own one or more sets of container/vehicle inspection systems.

It’s supervision center

Through CCTV, all inspection process can be monitored in center (7*24 hours nonstop recording with no blind angle).

It’s Risk Warning Center

System can intelligently evaluate risk and prompt alarms to assist decision-making.

It is a centralised auditing center

Audit towards suspicious behaviour of each site, can be done in center, with lower audit cost.

It’s an efficient knowledge sharing platform

Image analysts could be educated in center.


Video Surveillance System


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